Our Motto

Virtue Alone Ennobles Every institution has its own motto to give it a special identity. The motto of St. Joseph's Convent, S. S.E.M.School, Pulluvazhy, inscribed within a shield is “Virtue Alone Ennobles”.


Since then three and a half centuries have passed … Three and a half centuries of history, designing a long series of events, each calling us to pursue a moment when all seemed lost....... each one giving birth to something new, in response to the new ...

Our Charism - Communion

It is to a world suffering from poverty and alienation that we as Sisters of St. Joseph must respond - for our Charism is one of establishing and building unity where it is lacking. Rooted in the Trinity which both realizes and symbolizes the deepest ...


Founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph

John Peter Medaille was born in Carcassonne, on October 6th 1610 in France. He was a student of the Jesuits at the college of his native city, and joined his teachers, by entering the Jesuit Novitiate at Toulouse in 1626. Contemporary within a few years of two canonized Saints, John Peter Medaille had the advantage of living for a time with both of them; St. Francis Regis and St. Noel Chabanel. This aptitude for spiritual things which his Superiors recognized in him, brings out the quality of his soul. A short time after Fr. Medaille's death his Superiors wrote of him: "He spent a great part of his life in the missions of the Province, with such a ...

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